Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i don't understand...

... when people choose to walk especially close to you. Here is the scene: I am walking quietly to myself with my coffee around campus early this morning. Not many people are around and I see this young man walking up the hill in my direction, thinking nothing of it. No one else is around, there is plenty of space on the sidewalk you see. You know when you get the sense of someone getting closer and closer and he is not moving to the other side of the sidewalk, but rather heading right towards me... I look at him thinking surely I must know him and alas I don't... he is still walking towards me and as we brush past each other we do so essentially hitting each others shoulders as he makes his way to his final destination. What the heck?! Stay on your side of the sidewalk. Needless to say I was startled, coffee almost spilled, and it was a funny start to my Wednesday morning. I don't understand.

I've been thinking about how radical the Gospels are. Sometimes because of the great community we have, it becomes normal to be surrounded by people who believe the same thing as you. But the worst thing I could do is forget to remember the power and love demonstrated by Jesus for me- making me His daughter and heir. RADICAL.

It's doing some gross ice, cold, snow stuff outside and I'm ready for sun and beaches. If you could have a beach house, mountain house, or lake house- which would you choose? Obvi- BEACH HOUSE.

Shout out to one of my favorite red heads (Jal) for getting into JMU for grad school- I can't wait for you to be called Ms. McCurdy in the classroom one day.

Here's to mornings that start with a tall iced vanilla latte and a blueberry muffin!

ps- apologies to the lack of transitions between my thoughts. welcome to my brain.


  1. "stay on yo side!" should have been your response! haha

    Thanks for the shout-out Mal :)

    Love you!

  2. dang it...Julia literally said what I was gonna say hahaha

    ps- beach house? sister of my heart <3