Monday, November 4, 2013

Moments & Choices

My oh my. It has been quite some time since I've written on this thing. The last time I wrote I lived in a different place, was living with 3 other girls and it was 90 degrees. Today I live with my husband and it was 45 degrees out. A lot has happened. A lot of good things.

Most recently, I re-watched "You've Got Mail." I think this may be one of my all time favorite movies. How can you not just fall in love with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. (Although I laugh every time I see Meg Ryan's pleated pants) I love, love. Maybe because I am a newlywed. But I do. The feeling you get when you can hug your spouse, and just breathe deeply. I am so thankful for those moments. You know what's been cool though? To be married and loved and known. But still realize, that Jesus is the only thing that will fill me completely.

Here is a snapshot:
August: Married my best friend. Began an incredible journey. Danced the night away.
September: Vacationed in beautiful Antigua. Sometimes wish I was still there. We also started YL Club up again. Went to our first wedding as a married couple.
October: Turned 24. Chaperoned Homecoming, watched my cousin run a marathon, Spent time with both of our families. Celebrated York & Kyle getting engaged!
November: Will be Spending two weekends at Young Life camp sharing the Gospel with our high school friends.

Married life has been so fun. Fun doesn't mean easy. But so worth it. So joyful. I am thankful to have  a partner. Josh meets me where I am. He goes to the grocery store when I can't. The best! I am feeling more at home here in Loudoun. Probably because Josh is here. But I feel a little bit more rooted than ever before. We have friends to meet for dinner. We've settled on a church. I know where we grocery shop. We have a favorite mexican restaurant. I have a Bible study I go to. It is a good feeling.

Moments & Choices. That's life isn't it? Moments make up our days. Which make up our memories. And in each moment, we have a choice. To be thankful or complain. To be present or distracted. To go and be somewhere or stay and be home. I have felt overwhelmed by the choices people have made to share some of my biggest moments this past year. Choices to drive for hours, to spend money, to give up their time... to be with me.

So what will I choose?
 my best friends

 a favorite moment. looking over at my new husband.
 moments... celebrating engagements with best friends.

young life hoe down.

until next time...grab onto the moments!

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  1. Loved hearing your heart in this post, Margaret! What an incredible few months you've had… so much blessing, so many wonderful God-breathed moments and memories! Really happy for you… We just watched "You've Got Mail" again yesterday! Such a fun, adorable movie… And I'd love to hear what your favorite mexican place is! We're always on the hunt for a great mexican spot here in NOVA! Blessings...