Tuesday, April 29, 2014

On Friendship...

“Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one . . .” C.S. Lewis

As I sat at one of my dearest friends rehearsal dinner this weekend, I started thinking about life and friendship and relationships. Isn't a wedding rehearsal dinner the perfect place to realize that we are not supposed to walk through life alone? I remember our rehearsal dinner at Michie Tavern. It was such a sweet night. Ours happened to be big (100 people) but it still felt intimate. It was people who have shaped us, who have believed in us, who have spurred us on. They shared funny stories, important memories and spoke to our character and souls. And they reminded us that we were not alone. This weekend at my friends rehearsal dinner, the couple asked all of us there to continue to surround them with encouragement, wisdom, prayer as they live out their marriage. Marriage is much to big to navigate alone. I thought it was the coolest thing that they invited us into it, because they already recognized that they can't do it alone. It was an honor to stand by York's side as she made vows to Kyle! It's fun and different to go to weddings now that I am married to Josh. I am reminded of the commitment I made to Josh. And how some days I am not good at it. And how other days I am better and loving him. But that Christ's love for me, strengthens me to love others when it isn't easy or convenient or when I am selfish.

Isn't that real friendship though? Sticking it out when it's hard, emotions are raw, and life is real? My real friends are the ones who share the messiness of their lives. So that we cay say to each other "what you too?" We crave connection to others. But we can only find that when we risk being vulnerable with other people. When we can meet each other in the midst of joy, pain, heartache, sadness and excitement and know that we aren't alone. How sweet it is to know that we aren't alone.

I feel grateful for friendship. For people who call to say hi. Friends who know how to ask the right questions. Friends who text a funny inside joke. Being grateful changes everything. Prayer changes everything.

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  1. gurrrrl you look good in that dress!!!
    And I whole heartedly agree about friendship- what kind of friend only sticks around for the easy side of things? That's a fair weather friend- Jesus stuck by His disciples even when they were clueless & sinful. Love you Marge