Saturday, March 26, 2011

"morning glory"

i love saturday mornings. i think they are THE best. last saturday i got to play basketball with some yl friends. the boys are gracious to let me play because i am not nearly as good as them; but i try and keep up as much as i can. this saturday morning consists of waking up at dem's, grabbing greenberry's from their drive through, making an egg biscuit, carrying my new mac downstairs and putting in rachel mcadam's new movie "morning glory" (30 minutes in i am really liking it). it is 11:28am and i am still in my pajamas with coffee, a comedy and a blanket. i wish this could be every saturday morning.

i'm still waiting on hearing about where i'll live next year with young life staff. oh where oh where could it be? i am learning to trust. Trusting the Lord. ya know the thing we always talk about but then is a lot harder when actually done. i am believing that the Lord has things planned for me, and if they are different than mine, that means they are better.

and i'm also still in denial about graduating. everything will change after may 7th. for one, i will have a college degree- can i get a what what? no one can take that away from me! but also, i will be moving and will have to learn how to make my important relationships work as long distance ones. you get creative in keeping them. i love writing letters so one of my goals is to write letters frequently to my loves all over the country.

also rule #4 from our gradiva san diego spring break: give props where props are due. well, mad props to my housemate Kelly Bishop for getting a sweet summer job. too bad it'll take her thousands of miles away from me. maybe i can use it as an excuse to make it to california twice in one year?!


  1. You're the best! Thanks for the props, Margeypoo!
    i love you, please come visit SD once more and let's get sushi with mama bishop

    ps- nice new blog layouuuttt

  2. i like this new background. getting creative: ill make a blog. and write letters, i like doing that too. it has been hard for me to trust what god has in store for you as well!!!!!

  3. may 7th!? how did i not realize that was happening so soon! props to you girls for being (almost) officially college edjamacated wimmin'!!!