Monday, April 11, 2011


In honor of my housemates, I would like to write a few words about them. I thought I would start with the fabulous Sarah L. Wilson. First- welcome to the blogging world! You will fall in love. Check out Swils's new blog here. You will want to keep reading because she is wise.

I like lists so here we go:

1. She is beautiful. She has JOY deep down in her heart. No one will take that away.
2. Swils loves her mom Cath and sister Jesse-son so well- I admire that!
3. She has a discipline to honor the Lord in her school work. I REALLY admire that. And her discipline carries over to her time with the Lord. She is always in the Word- PROPS.
4. Sarah is freakin' HILARIOUS and REDICULOUS. Honestly, my life would be so much more boring without her in it. Some of my favorite moments have been with Sarah when we have died laughing in our kitchen, while dancing, at Saranac, while driving to Dollywood together, etc...
5. Her dance moves surpass all others. I will forever carry on THE "swils" dance move from now until forever. One would be doing a model walk in the middle of the dance floor, another would be squatting, shaking hips back and forth and making sure your tongue is visible.

Yesterday driving home with Josh from VA beach I honestly thought so much of what Sarah has meant in my life. She gave her senior reflection on Friday at YL leadership. I've been thinking about college ending and what will change. Life will look different without Sarah in it everyday. I am thankful for her encouragement, love, GRACE, understanding, wisdom, and shared disgust for birds. But rest assured, we will take advantage of phone calls, visits, texts, emails and blog posts to stay best friends.



  1. add me in that shared disgust for birds. all of the pigeons heree are like flyinf rodents.
    other than that, a very sweet shout-out, i must say.

  2. was the 'PROPS' a reference to my 9th grade self or cali or both!? either are wonderful and hilarious! I love you so much. Thanks for this sweet little shout out... that pic of kelly, you, and i is one of my favs because it describes our relationships with each other so well. my life has been forever changed because of our sweet time together.

  3. sarah is right- looking back that photo is MONEY.
    love you both, can't think about next year--> don't wanna weep in Carrier.