Monday, May 9, 2011

not better, not worse... just different.

i am currently sad. people told me college ending would be bittersweet. last week i felt the sweet part when i finished exams and was offered a job with young life in loudoun county! {i am SO excited to meet the people there & get to know girls- i know there are so many lost girls. and Christ lets me be a part of what HE is doing}

now it is the bitter part. where i am sad that some of my housemates do not live here anymore, that when i walk down mason street all of my friend's houses are empty, that josh and i no longer live in the same town and our relationship is long distance. i am really no good at change. let's be honest, i'm horrible at it... it took me almost a year to get used to college. let's hope it doesn't take me that long for this next year.

BUT, there are things i want to do/am excited for this summer...

-my trip to Miami for my Caro's baby shower
-a week at Sunset Beach
-visit Swils and Bradley at D.Focus
-Girls weekend with York, Julia & KG at Bethany Beach!
-Read books like Radical, anything by C.S.Lewis and Victory over Darkness
-trips to Virginia Beach to see Josh
-run and train for another race
-rally a team to support me on YL staff next year
-find a place to live in Loudoun
-shoot guns with Alina & my dad
-teach lots of kiddos how to swim
-soak up all of Harrisonburg with Kelsey through May
-Live in charlottesville for the last time
-Enjoy having time to relax and having sweet time with the Lord

it's not better, it's not worse, it's just different.

ps- i'm so thankful for what college has been for me. i'm not the same person i was when i walked on campus- praise the Lord for that.

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  1. marge, this is a beautiful lil post. i love your summer ideas. you've got excellent things ahead of you!