Monday, August 1, 2011

happy AUGUST.

Florida to celebrate Nico due to appear in September!
Where I spent the last week

I love new months. It's fun to think about what happened in the last month and then to think about what happens in this new one.

Taught Dave Matthews' son how to swim!
Vacationed at Sunset Beach
Edited, re-edited, stamped, addressed 100+ letters for YL support
Vacationed in Florida (can you tell I LOVE vacation)
Went to 2 friend's weddings!

I move this month!
Start my first FULL TIME job ever!
Seeing Ginny's new apartment
Visiting Josh in VB
Saying goodbye to this girl when she leaves the country, but i am excited for her!

I am quickly becoming addicted to blog reading. And sometimes blogs do a great job of capturing all that is glorious, easy and fun about life. But, it's hard. So as I type these ridiculously exciting and fun things, there have also been hard things. I have struggled with anger towards the Lord about losing my mom more than ever. I have prayed and prayed over raising support for next year. I have cried. I have cried some more. I have tried to figure out and listen for the Lord. I have learned about how to love my boyfriend from 3+ hours away. AND the Lord is still good. His character and love is UNCHANGING in the midst of this ever changing world.

Here's to a new month. New adventures. New challenges. New struggles. And we'll be all the stronger for it.


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  1. I admire your vulnerability, Marge. Proud to know ya. I'm also proud that I was cool enough to make your August list. Score.

    love love love,