Sunday, December 4, 2011

love is all around.

One of my most favorite people ever.

I am sitting on my couch watching Love Actually. Oh a funny Christmas movie. I am really into Christmas right now. The lights, the music, the trees, the feel of the month of December, the parties. The extra attention to preparing for Jesus' birth. That my King and lover of my soul entered into this world as a baby. Can you imagine what Mary must have thought when she was told she was with child? The wonder of what was about to happen. I am still trying to think about making more room in my heart for Jesus. I want more room for time with Him. I want more prayer, more of me reading the Bible.

This weekend has been the best. So many things helped make it great. For one, I had no plans. I looked at my planner and had 2 Christmas parties on the agenda. How did I get so lucky? A weekend the way it was meant to be- for relaxing. AND Josh was coming to visit. We had a "normal" day together on Saturday. Sometimes when you have to visit someone, it feels like a trip which means entertaining. But it felt normal. We drank coffee at home together, watched a movie, ate lunch at Chick Fil A, went Christmas shopping, and then went to my first Christmas work party. It felt right. I was thankful that Josh was able to come to the Regional Christmas party. I kept saying to my bff Megan that my 2 worlds were colliding with Josh being there and with my "work" world. She kept spittin truth saying- you only have one world. She's so right. Important people are finally just meeting each other. I want to stop living like there are separate worlds in my life... it was a good realization for me.

Another thing I thought about this weekend was all that I am not in relation to ministry.

I am not wise enough. But God says, I AM.
I am not creative enough. But God says, I AM.
I am not strong enough. But God says, I AM.
I am not big enough to reach a whole school. But God says, I AM.
I am not able to recruit leaders alone. But God says, I AM.

All things I am not, God is. Why do I worry? Why do I think God has forgotten about me and what I am doing? He ordained it all and brought it to be. I get to just be in the moments. To be in the moments of joy. I appreciate those. I don't want life to be about making sure I crossed everything off my to do list. Yes, it's important. But I don't want to miss the moments.

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  1. love the picture of you two. i loooooove the last part. God is in control.