Friday, February 10, 2012

bittersweet (but mostly sweet)

life moves so quickly. i literally felt as if i blinked and this week was over. i had a schedule of waking up early every day, but today i had an extra hour or two. since i was waking up early, i had a limited amount of time with the Lord. all of the things i went to this week had Bible study, but it was not time alone, you know? i told Josh last night that i hadn't really had time alone this week and he asked me how i made it through the week? it was hard- my days are much harder without time with Jesus. i am learning the power of speaking the Word and my prayers out loud. when i am alone, it is so freeing to talk out loud to Jesus. i have been loving do that recently. i want to continue to make what the Lord is doing in me a priority even in the business of ministry.

bittersweet... life is mostly sweet and i am practicing seeking the beauty in the everyday. these kind of instances are what make life grand. it changes your mood when you seek to see the good and not the bad. what you have and not what you lack. what is being done by the Lord and not what you can control.

just some thoughts... happy friday night.

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