Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nothing too terribly new...

I have eagerly anticipated Spring for some time now and I think it is slowly making it's way here... next week I have heard rumors of 75 degree days! Now that I am coaching lacrosse I am spending way more time outside and I would rather not have my toes freeze as they did last night at our first scrimmage... way.too.cold.

And this free weekend has just stumbled upon me. I did not purposely leave it free, it just was handed to me- a Saturday and Sunday with NOTHING written on my planner?! I indulged in Chic Fil A to visit Kelsey, went shopping today, and have rested my body to fight off this nasty head pressure, cold, cough, wake up with no voice thing. And tomorrow I get to go to church, take a Sunday afternoon nap, work on some seminary work and take a slow day. What a gift that is so rare. Most weekends involve long driver and busy days.

I'm thankful for a few slow days and it is making me dream of a vacation... where would I go? I am ready for some sun, sleeping late, ocean, and margs with my family :) Take me to Sunset Beach already...


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  2. Let's go!!! Bring on the beach :) You have family time at VA Beach to look forward to, Grandad's birthday(?), and a cruise in your future too!! I'll catch you at Sunset XOXO Liz

  3. The beach sounds pretty good right about now :) So does chick-fil-a LOL!