Thursday, April 12, 2012

wearing gloves in April

Last night I had a lacrosse game. We won by the way- so proud of my lady eagles JV team! But I had to wear my Uggs and gloves at the game- I was a little bit bitter.

Life lately has been interesting. Nothing too terribly wrong... just the normal day in and day out activities. I have assignments to complete, practice to coach at, lunch meetings to be at, staff meetings etc...I feel as though I am lacking my joy currently though. I feel a little blah if you can relate to that feeling. I used to push through school to the summer knowing full well that summer would provide adventures of its own. And I think that to be true of this summer too, but just in a different way that is all.

Life just feels different. I am still figuring out the transition to the "real, working, adult world." Where I pay for bills, am tired and in bed by 10pm, don't exactly live close to most of my friends, no longer live in community like Graffiti, can't hang on the quad all day kind of world... I just feel like I am in transition but I'm not quite sure when this will feel normal.

To start changing my attitude, I am trying to choose to see the encouragement in each day. We have so many ways to be discouraged, but it is a choice.

Things I give thanks for today:
1. my electric blanket that makes me sleep like a baby
2. friendship. ex) chatting, complaining and then encouraging each other- with megan liss
3. new life: welcome paxton barrett!

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  1. I so know that blah/rut feeling....and I especially remember feeling it when the "real world" kicked in. It gets better. You will seek joy, combat boredom and find a new rhythm. I always have to "art" (& pray) my way out of a rut. Love you Cuz. And, loved our time together...and spending time with that Josh of yours. XOXO liz