Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life Giving Surprises

This morning I am sitting in a local coffee shop and the coolest thing just happened. In situations like this, I tend to mind my own business... reading my book and listening to my music when this man approaches me and simply asks how I am doing... we strike up a 30 minute conversation about life. I was surprised when he asked me if I was a "Bible preaching kind of girl"... You always have to be careful when you answer that because you don't know who you are talking to. But this man happened to be a believer and I was able to share with him my heart and the heart behind the mission of Young Life. We talked for a while about culture and our neighborhood. He told me how courageous I was and how proud he was of me. He blessed me with money to take my YL girls out to lunch because He believes in what I am doing! The Lord knew I needed some encouragement this morning. He knew that this weekend I needed to be with sweet friends who know me... I have felt so encouraged by the Lord and him knowing exactly what I need. May I continue to trust His provision and plan for my life... He has already worked it all out.

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