Saturday, September 25, 2010


i couldn't have been more excited for a weekend in harrisonburg. i have been gone for different events every weekend since school has started, all of which have been great. but i was so ready to be able to sleep in this morning and not drive to my destination. my destination was harrisonburg and hanging in graffiti. the pace of life is slower on a saturday and i like it.

this past week we celebrated my housemate nicole's birthday. it was fun for all 9 of us to be together (plus alexa). sadly, it's hard for all of us to get together all that much. especially in a year of lasts, i'm thankful for spontaneous dance parties, crowded kitchens when everyone is cooking dinner at the same time while sweating, watching the nanny at 11 pm on a friday, and celebrating birthdays. it hurts my heart to think about not living in graffiti next year. but i trust, i really do, that where i'll be post-ott street will be good. and i'll never stop chanting "graffiti, graffiti go...!" {picture above is of some of my house}

on another note. i finally saw my beautiful best friend via skype today. she's super guay {i'm hoping this means cool}and is living in spain for the year. she's so cultured. i'm gonna be honest, it sucks not having her a phone call or hour drive away but i got so excited for her when i saw her. she's really doing it. she's living and seeking things out that she loves (like speaking spanish). i can't believe we're old enough to do things like move to spain. i can't wait to visit for my tour of europe 2k11!
until then, join with me in wishing fall weather in va. would hurry up and get here.

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  1. Today's cold gray weather is SUCH welcome change :) Fall is here!