Tuesday, October 26, 2010

october 26

is it really october 26? where did october go? i feel like it was just my birthday and the start of the month. i think october might be my favorite month. i love being comfortable in jeans and just a t-shirt. that's basically october to me. but i won't lie- a lot of me is getting excited for my trip to florida, thanksgiving with family, christmas, and a trip to bermuda to run a 10k. all of that will happen between november-january. after that i am over the winter, snow and cold! but then again- i won't mind at all if the spring moves very slow... graduation doesn't need to happen quite yet.

i had a great sunday. i was locked away doing work with anna. we worked all day- literally hours. and our break was for dinner. a $5 hot & ready pizza shared together sitting on the floor. i love moments like that. sitting on the floor laughing, diet coke, cheap pizza, sweat pants, homework and a pumpkin candle. i will miss that about college. time spent together... the way to my heart.

and another thought... i am challeneged to start celebrating things. i don't celebrate small things enough. i think i get caught up on the future and what i have to do next and how do i do it better... but i don't want to miss the things in between... like getting a college degree for example. sometimes i think so far ahead that i miss how excited i am to receive a diploma in may. it's been hard work and i wanna celebrate and give thanks for that. i know there are things that i let slip by without celebrating what the Lord has done. my goal is to stop & celebrate!

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  1. Enjoy those little moments...like sharing a pizza sitting on the floor. Those are the ones you'll remember. Next month is my 30th college reunion, and I'll get to see some of the folks I shared those little moments with. We're all "grown up" now, but still cherish those times.