Sunday, October 17, 2010

A poll...

Thy will be done. That's my prayer for my life. I got to ride home with a favorite friend of mine Anna and I told her I could do a lot of things when I graduate in May... I'm not super attached to any one thing, place, person... I'm willing to go where the Lord wants to send me. And I could choose something that I want to do- but I don't want to do that. I want the Lord to choose. So I'll stand through all the nervous break downs and wait and pray. Thy will be done...

But, for fun... what do you think I should do? This is always fun when people give me ideas so let's hear them! Go abroad, YL staff, random jobs, move to Richmond, Fellows program... ? It'll be fun to look back in a year and see how the Lord provided something... because He will.

Here's a picture from our last fall photo shoot... weird.


  1. you should move in with Josh & I.

  2. a year from now, you will realize why you started today.

  3. RICHMOND and i will follow in january 2k12- sarah l. wilson

  4. Definitely Richmond! I was checking the Union/PSCE curriculum to see if they had an intl travel/study MDiv degree program....altho I couldn't find it, I'm sure you could work it out!

  5. I am sure Josh would love that, Dem.

    You should get a cool internship in cville or richmond...somewhere I can come join you and we can live together (with S4r4h of course)