Friday, November 26, 2010

joshua 3:5

so i have only been home a few days this week, seemed like only hours. i got to travel to sunny Florida to stay with my cousin and see some of my dad's family for a few days. we had such a fun girls weekend. we filled each other in on our lives, had some wine, watched tv, went shopping and enjoyed a day on the boat. then i got to drive to Miami to spend time with a family very dear to my heart. the hernandez family brings me so much joy. they love me like a lot of other people don't. i always feel welcome in their home and know they would drop anything to support me. what a gift. and time with caro, even if it is once a year is precious. we can jump in the car or lay in bed and talk forever. and then i got some time with my dad and alina at dinner and in the car. alina and i might as well be 10 and 12 again... we will always tease each other. ok, maybe i will. but she is my baby sister and i can't imagine family trips or life without her. and then, i got to sit at a long table for thanksgiving, kinda how i imagine heaven and give thanks for this year. i got to sit with my fam, cousins, my aunt and uncle, dear grandfather and soon to be born baby Isaac. if that is not the best week i don't know what is. i got to catch up with a dear friend who is currently living abroad.

this week there were minor freakouts- mostly in my head. im tired of talking about the future and how everything is up in the air. so tired. but i think about it all the time. we are trying to plan trips for the summer- who knows where i will be in the summer? the Lord and not me. i am scared about a lot in the future. but this week was such a gift to me. no matter where i will be, no matter if i have a job or not, not matter if I end up going on staff, or moving to richmond, or raleigh or moving back home.... i am dearly loved. by Jesus. and by some sweet sweet people that He has brought into my life. i can't believe i got to see so many people in one week. it reminded me of his provision in my life. to be surrounded by people that encourage me, who i can talk about Bible study with and find out me and big alina are both studying esther. or to hear about my cousin sarah's Bible study group that rotates between coffee shops or Lauren leading high school kids on the military base. Jesus is so good and He wants the world to know the life He has to offer and I get to see His kingdom furthered through my family and friends.

so even if i live at home (which don't get me wrong wouldn't be awful) or can't find a job, or get rejected from jobs i apply to- He is at the helm and He is still good. and I'm really thankful this year. i have a brick in my room that says joshua 3:5 on it. i can never remember joshua 3:5, but only that my Young life leaders gave it to me when i graduated from high school. so i decided to look it up tonight.

"Joshua told the people, 'consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.'"

that's a promise. resting in that promise this evening.

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