Saturday, December 18, 2010

lend me your hand

if you have not heard mumford & sons album, please go listen now. i listen it to it often!

LIFE: update. i hate complaining about how busy i am because everyone is busy. so it seems a bit silly to try and compare. but my craziness in a few sentences: i was trying to pass abnormal psychology ( i did!), wrapping up young life for the semester, writing a research proposal about facebook, getting fingerprinted for working in the schools next semester, hanging with my roommates, playing basketball, trying to stay warm, etc...

i drove to charlottesville this morning on 5 hours of sleep. but i still got good thinking in. i'm blessed to like jmu so much and home so much. i was really sad to leave my friends at school for so long, but really excited to hang with alina and papa murphy for a few weeks. i also got really sad that i will be leaving jmu in a semester. it was weird thinking about everyone moving everywhere.

and i also realized how much i miss my best friend kaitlin. i drove past crozet today and thought about how i miss her red hair, her laugh, sharing arch's together because i had to eat it alone today, the way she understands me better than anyone, sleepovers, how she makes me want to run because she loves to run and i want to be like her... she is in spain for the year- she is that cool. i just miss her face. come home. go read her blog {} you'll miss her too.

i'm thankful for christmas. i'm thankful for joy being sent to the world in the form of a baby. i've been thinking so much of Bethlehem this week. {see picture} really cool that i can picture it in my head now. what a gift! Jesus changed the world when He came to earth. i'm thankful. and i guess if i miss people, it means i'm pretty thankful that i have such great people around me.


  1. that's the best blog shout out i've ever been given. it's the best shout out, period. i love you too. i love having a best friend like you. and i hope the crah-zet was on it's best behavior for you.

  2. Congrats on passing Abnormal! (I had to take it's not as easy as it sounds) Merry Christmas!