Sunday, December 26, 2010


My blog got a new look... I have just been waiting for time to actually play around with everything and boy have I had time... I have done nothing the past few days. Barely left the house or gotten out of my PJ's. It has been nice, but tomorrow it will be time for me to do something outside of the house!

I am eagerly excited for 2011. So I started thinking of all that has happened in 2010:

1. I got to live with my best friends in Graffiti

2. I got to watch my sister graduate from high school and start college!

3. I got to travel to Europe to visit Lauren & KG- what a fun trip and they were both wonderful hosts to show me their new homes!

4. We had another annual family beach trip with possibly more people than ever!

5. I got to be a part of Sarah Defnall's wedding day!

6. Some of my house ran an entire 10k... a big deal.

7. I turned 21... finally!

So many fun things happened this year. And just a few big things happening in 2011...

-house trip to SAN DIEGO!

-Bermuda with the Berrey family!


-Finding a job?

-Moving somewhere?

Lots to look forward to! I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and is excited for a new year.


  1. I love the new look marg!! Merry Christmas (even though it's a little late).


    ps.. next years trip to the beach will have even more people!! 3 more to be exact :)

  2. Your blog is so cute! Care to divulge how you did it?! haha :)

  3. Thanks Rachel! I have loved that you are still blogging too- I love reading :)

    Ok- so all I did was google free blog background/template and there are some websites with it... then on your own blog you need to add the HTML gadget; and then you go to it and enter the HTML code that you will find with the new background you choose. Then hit save. You can always google instructions! Have fun!

  4. Great thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying reading my blog, I always enjoy reading yours too! :) I hope most of us keep up with it!!

  5. muffs, love the christmas pictures! and your hair looks good. and im not just saying that. and im totally copying your idea for cool things that happened in 2010 and exciting developments for 2011. love the post!