Thursday, January 6, 2011

happy january

welcome 2011! we started the new year at a wedding of a friend of mine i have known since i was little. it was so fun to watch her get married and hear beautiful words at the ceremony. i could tell they both love the Lord a lot- their marriage will be so sweet because it is Christ centered. I'm still learning what that would look like and at the same time how beautiful it will be.

i'm ready to go back to harrisonburg. i want to see my friends. and gradivas. and lounge. and be lazy. and have coffee dates and lunch dates. and i'm actually excited for my classes this time. i'm excited to live just down the street from people i love again. everytime i come home, i always forget i live 15 minutes from most places- sucks.

and i'll be in bermuda in 8 days.
goals for this trip: wear flip flops, finish the 10k, have quiet times outside in the sun, spend sweet time with the Berrey's, put my feet in the ocean, ride a moped on the opposite side of the road, wear the shirts we had made, watch my dad beam about being back in probably his favorite place ever, thank Jesus for this trip and life.
"He {Jesus} can live anywhere in the universe, and He chose your heart."

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