Wednesday, January 26, 2011


our mathcing shirts!
Ber-phy family vacation!

snow. how i hate you, and complain about you all the time. BUT, currently i am loving you. va is getting some serious snow. and because of snow, i have time. to sit and chat with people, listen to norah jones, prepare for my yl staff interview, read, catch up. thank you Lord for some catch up time.

i'm really liking this semester. it is full of things that are connecting. for example, my counseling class, my class titled death & dying (which really gets at the meaning of life) and my two field experiences at an elementary school and a nursing home. i love it. i love meeting new people and hearing their stories. and reflecting about meaning and purpose and who i want to be. and what are priorities in my life. and it is also a lot. a lot of reflecting. sometimes, i have to give my brain a break too.

and bermuda was such a treat. goals were accomplished. including running in clothes and shoes that were not mine due to lost luggage. but sun, joy, mopeds, good food, and laughs all went down.

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  1. I can't wait to see your goals for SB 2k11 :) :)

    and can we please PLAY in the snow sometime??!