Monday, February 7, 2011

Back in Action!

Hello blog friends,

It has been a while. Life has been getting the best of me, but I have been itching to blog. A couple of weeks ago I was out karaoking with some dear friends and two of them, Kelly and Ginny joked me about how I would blog about how much I love my friends and doing fun things with them... And they are right- it was such a great night. Picture some of my house singing "I think I'm in Love With You" by Jessica Simpson to a bunch of Harrisonburg townies- beautiful.

I am currently in love with our nation's capital. I spent Saturday there with some of my cousins and loved it. Free museums, lots of people, dinner in Chinatown, beautiful art, and only a 2 hour drive. I hope I get back soon, maybe someone will take me on a day date there... just saying :)

And a special shoutout to my wonderful sister. She was at JMU visiting friends and made a care package for me because I wasn't supposed to be able to see her, and then I did. She is THE best. Thanks Alina for loving me well in the midst of a stressful semester for you.

Trying to not to think about how time is SPEEDING by. I would like to pull it over, give it a ticket and tell it to slow the heck down. Only good thing about that is we will be in San Diego in less than a month- it will be such a treat. Now that I do have exciting things to look forward to (more on that later), it is fun to think about the future- but I'd be fine with it slowing down. I hate scheduling my life like a dental office with coffee dates weeks in advance.

And I've had some special ordinary moments lately. The ones where you aren't really doing anything at all I've realized are the best- just sharing life with people. Examples: watching Barefoot put together his puzzle, cooking with Swilson, talking life with Kelsey before bed, having class with Julia AND York, etc...


  1. Love this one.

    .....the Loerkes would be proud...

  2. agreed. and gosh, those loerkes. so adorable.