Wednesday, July 13, 2011

sunset beach, nc!

i love this week. it is 11:30am and i am happily still in my pj's. i am listening to this SONG by brandi carlile while working on support things for YL staff, josh is reading in his room, some of the kids and i just did a little photo booth action and i practically cried at how funny we looked. and then we are going to eat the best bbq at big nell's for lunch and i'll spend the afternoon reading "the help" on the beach in the sunshine. thank you Lord for weeks of vacation like this. this is relaxation. we have people here ranging in age from 7 months to 89 years old. and we are all related somehow! i say either by blood or love. i'm thankful this week was so important to my mom. she wanted everyone to be together. we live all over the place, holding different jobs with different schedules so it means everything that people block off this week to make sure they will be here. it honors our family. it says we love each other. even if we are really different, and we are. to me, it honors my mom and gran. i wish josh could've met my mom and gran. i hope this week is a taste of what they both mean to each of us here.

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  1. Marge,
    Sounds like a wonderful week. Love that song ;), Love that book, Love YOU!