Tuesday, September 20, 2011

it's not fair.

Oh who doesn't love using those words. I have used them multiple times in the last few weeks. It's not fair that this does not come naturally to me, it's not fair that I don't have this, it's not fair that she does have this, etc... I annoy myself just typing that. What kind of way is that to live? How ungrateful and how much joy is stripped because of all that comparison.

I won't live in that anymore. I want to live with thanks for the gifts and blessings I do have both in my personal relationships, in starting a new ministry, in fundraising, in moving and in people caring for me. I have been praying through this and have noticed a difference in my attitude the past few days. It's such a better way to live my days. And I am certainly not searching for things to be thankful for- there is an ABUNDANCE.

Our sermon at my home church in Charlottesville was on this on Sunday. We always say it's not fair. And you know what, eternal life is not fair- BUT I GET TO HAVE IT! I get so much grace and mercy from Christ that it's nothing I deserve. But I am so, so thankful.

Other interesting updates... Northern Va is starting to feel more like a normal life rhythm to me. I am still not used to traffic but I am learning how to deal with it. I really like my job. My first priority is to foster growth with Jesus- who wouldn't love that? I have friends. I know, many of you are shocked :) It is hard moving and starting over but I have friends from JMU here and the ones I have met have become fast fast friends. What a gift! Kelsey has a job and having her here is so fun even if we did share a mattress for the first few weeks. Don't worry... we have upgraded to our own mattresses now. I have seen Josh on lots of occasions and have an unplanned chance to see him again this weekend- I love that. I saw my dad who is growing a goatee these days. Didn't recognize him at first. Lots of good things going on. I think I am learning to be here, right in this day. Not two years ago at JMU and not two years from now when I will have things more figured out. I am right here, today.

Hope fall is coming to a city near you as it is here in Nova. You know it was a Monday when I had TWO pumpkin spice lattes.... xoxo.


  1. I trust you would tell me if you had an unplanned visit to vb

  2. Loving kids for Christ's cause is so good, isn't it? Thanks for teaching me that Marg!