Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"you should write a book"

That was such a sweet compliment that someone told me as I rambled off... Ok that person was my counselor and as I babble through the many thoughts in my head, she said I should make sure I write down all of the things I was saying. You see, I think we know a lot of things in our head-but sometimes they get hidden. Hidden away in the lies, the disease of busyness and in not believing enough in God and ourselves. It was a cool opportunity for me to remove the layers and say, "yes, this is true and I believe that."

One thing that was revealed to me today was about being in full time ministry like I am. Sometimes, unfortunately these times can be some of the most dry. We are busy, always doing, leading others, "surrounded" by Christian people and Christian things, but if we don't have the connection to God when we are alone, we've got nothing. If we don't have that intimacy with just Him and us, then we become blind to seeing what He is doing around us. And then all of that "hard work" that we've been doing (which He had been doing all along)- we fail to see the ways in which the Lord is really moving. I want to see those ways. I want my eyes open to what is going on in the world around me and not just on myself.

An attitude of thankfulness continues to change my negative attitude. I think the greatest motivation for change comes from within ourselves, not someone else having to say something. I am tired of hearing myself complain and think negatively. I want to change that. So, I have been trying to make an effort to change my thinking...

I'm thankful for...
-celebrating my grandpa's 90th birthday... what a full life!
-being able to see my cousin's... i love seeing what life looks like a little bit down the road with husbands and kids
-being able to see Josh every weekend in May
-a change of pace with my YL assignment and camp coming up
-the other staff in Loudoun county... what a blessing since moving to a new place
-feeling well enough to eat Chic Fil A again :)

What are you thankful for? And enjoy some pictures from the past few weeks.
 YL Splatter Run
 My handsome date for the 90th birthday party

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