Friday, July 6, 2012

young life camp.

i have been away. for 5 weeks in fact at young life's rockbridge camp in goshen, va. it was amazing, hard, challenging, life giving, emotionally draining at times, fun, full of community, with people i didn't really know, loving on kids so that others kids could know Christ. it was a privilege to watch over 500 teenagers move from death to life this past month. i learned the power of the small thing. that scrubbing a toilet and a shower really does point to Jesus. and now i am headed to another young life camp in NY--lake champion. this time i am taking 10 girls from the high school i lead at. i know they will encounter the Living God and my prayer is that they choose to walk with Him for life. i can't wait.

be thankful today for the gifts of life! 
this is me, kaitlin, york and our leader at a young life camp in CO in 2006.

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