Wednesday, August 8, 2012

hump day.

wednesday. generally i don't like you, but i am seeing that you aren't so bad afterall.

i was reminded this morning of the book of Joshua so I read in chapter 4 today. It's when the people are being led by Joshua and are told to cross the Jordan river. I can't imagine what they are thinking. But God stops the flow of the water and they are able to cross. And then Joshua tells them to find 12 stones for the 12 tribes and to pick them as remembrance for what God had done so that when their children asked they would tell them of how God provided.

i was thinking about this past year and how far the Lord has brought me since last August. what are the stones of remembering that the Lord is here, with me in this. Providing full funding, meeting kids, families who are on board, holding clubs, having Campaigners, getting a coaching job, meeting friends, hopefully moving into an apartment with friends.

sometimes i chose to see the ways i didn't measure up this year. or ways that i have failed. and i think i can learn from those things. but, i want to remember the ways that God did provide.

i like new starts. and since my job works on a school calendar so much it feels like this new school can be a new start. and with that, i can't wait to see what unfolds this year. in ministry, in life, with Josh, with friends. i have a feeling it will be a good one.

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