Monday, November 8, 2010

the capital.

i spent this weekend in VA's capital, richmond. i didn't know it had so much to offer! i got to eat at cute restaurants, i went to a dog park where i witnessed a little bit of a dog scuffle, i watched a documentary on adoption in China, i went out to see my uncle and got to milk cows at his friend's farm, i danced, i practiced driving stick and made it through lots of stop and go traffic, i went to the nicest SPCA i have ever seen, and enjoyed sweet time with friends (and made some new ones). i enjoyed the charm of what i got to see of the city- maybe i'll end up there next year :)

relationships- it is what life is all about. we were created for them. i'm thankful for them. we need them. even if some of them exist half way around the world.

i got to run yesterday. i get my best thinking in when i run. although some of that thinking is my legs hurt and no one will know if i stop right now... but i keep going. kinda like life- keep going. keep on keepin' on. there are good things found in today and ahead. life is beautiful. i wonder what beautiful things i'll get to see today? i'm only 21... i know the Lord has got some beautiful things ahead. can't wait to see them.

enjoy some pictures of the milking parlor!


  1. What a great weekend! You have a wonderful gift for seeing the beauty in small and simple things. Don't lose it!

  2. aw!! i just love and LOVED the run in on the quad today!

  3. Reading your blog always puts a smile on my face! I grew up right outside of Richmond in Powhatan, Virginia and I think you'll really love the city if you end up there. Promise me if you live there you'll take a trip to Belle Isle and see the rapids! Oh and catch a movie at the old Byrd theater in Carytown. There are so many great things to do and experience there

  4. ashley- pass along all the knowledge of the city youve got :)