Tuesday, November 2, 2010


i've been thinking a lot of the idea of rescue recently. i heard about it this weekend at rockbridge. why we get so excited when someone in a movie or real life for that matter gets rescued. what makes us so happy about that? because... it is a part of our story. rescue by Jesus. crazy to me that i have been rescued; saved. if it was just me, He would've done it. because i am worth it. you are worth it. Jesus has proven that on the cross- He has proven that we are important, and valuable and worth it. that makes me feel so loved. that's what i want: to be known, and loved. and i am.

BTW: go listen to explosions in the sky. i love the song your hand in mine. and then go watch friday night lights- favorite show; hands down. season 5 has started :)


  1. Friday Night Lights saved my life.......true story (kinda)

  2. Hi Marg...I am finally reading your blog! It is so "YOU"!! I love it!!! Love you...BigAlina