Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A thankful heart and a Georgetown Cupcake

Two blog posts in one week. I know what you (all two people who read this blog) are thinking-- and yes, it is Spring break and I have been home every night this week. This really is life changing for me and it has been awesome. 

I think the Lord has been doing something in me of creating a thankful heart. I've thought of gratitude more often this year than any other year. Everyday there is something to be thankful for. Today for me it was two of my best friends (hey-o York & Kelsey) calling just to say hi and a Georgetown cupcake. I was telling York today... I'm learning life is meant to be lived-- and sometimes that means it is hard, but most of the time it is pretty darn good. 

Today I ventured into Georgetown in DC with Megan and her (and mine!) friend Rachel who was visiting from Texas. We had a good lunch, waited in line for a cupcake and shopped a little. It was wonderful and needed. Enjoy some pictures from our day. (And from my YL Banquet a few weeks ago!)
 sister and cousins
 he's got my heart
 DC Cupcake!
 Lunch at Thunder Burger-- totally recommend!
 I order anything with Brie

 Georgetown is adorably cute
 Waiting in line--so many choices
 I was hoping they were bigger, but they did not disappoint!
 Loved spending the afternoon with you two.
 Drooling over lululemon pants
And one last treat I bought for myself... new initial means new mug. Thanks Anthropologie! 

Off to watch Duck Dynasty. Another thing to be thankful for!


  1. That brie burger looks so good #iLoveFoodPics

  2. Just stumbled across your blog- I can't wait to follow. love your passion for Christ. God has been creating a thankful heart in me lately as well, and I am so happy about it, makes me full of joy! I am new to the blogging scene, follow me at