Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Night Rambling

Hey friends. Currently, I am house sitting with a fire going (because it snowed today, what?) with the new season of the Voice on. It feels like I have a real break this week and for that I am thankful.

An interesting thing has been happening recently... I have actually started to feel like an adult. I think it's the whole getting married thing. Today, someone asked me how old I was and it was kind of strange to remember I am 23. Today made me feel both 16 and 35 all in a day. I was cleaning out some boxes in my room and found a note from my dear friend Julia from high school. I immediately face-timed her so I could read the whole thing out loud to her. Just think High School Musical lyrics and boys we had crushes on. And then there are all of these other things happening in my life right now like needing a place to live with my future husband, figuring out how we will make ends meet on a tight living budget and really being on my own, without my dad's support for the first time. It is scary. I also took engagement pictures with my best friend and fiance this weekend. At first it was a little strange to be the center of attention for these pictures, but he makes my heart flutter. It was fun to just be with him. I love when friends of mine tell me that marriage is the best. I can't wait. 5 months from now I will be his wife. We will be able to share the ins and outs of life together... grocery shopping, laundry, cooking dinner, more than just weekends- the everyday!

Engagement has been a neat time of preparing for this new life transition. For really taking this new leap into adulthood. I can't wait. I'm feeling overwhelmed with those who have helped love, teach, care, challenge and coach me to be the woman I am today...thankful to have so many who stand by my side.

158 days.

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