Sunday, April 14, 2013


As much as I love being with Josh on the weekends, it sure is nice to have a Sunday to get things done. You wouldn't believe what I've already done today, so let me tell you... I finally got to go to Church where I am trying to build some sort of community, ran by Target, made lunch, cleaned our house for leadership, rearranged furniture, made my sister's birthday gifts, hung up some art on my wall, put away laundry, made cookies for leadership. Let me tell you... days like today are good for me. I really thrive on having things on my list and being able to say I did them! This girl is feeling good.

I was also telling my roommates my recent need for adventure. Sometimes, the day to day routine starts to get me in a rut. This happened to me in college too and I had to work through it and see the adventure in the everyday, while still pursing something fun outside of it. I want to go hiking, explore places I don't know, go wine tasting, I'm not sure what else. I want to be on an adventure, and preferably outside. That is our heart, isn't it? Seeking adventure. Seeking life to the full. Still trying to figure out adventure and what that looks like in my life. Until then... a few pictures from the talented Jill Powers of Jillian Michelle Photography! ...because those are more fun anyways.

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  1. ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE............and by "out there" I mean San DieGO<-- emphasis on the GO